Louise Dandurand
Louise was born in 1955 in Montreal. She attended the Graphic Program of Dawson College and after graduation in 1976, she involved herself in various art forms, developing an incurable interest in serigraphy. With access to the Workshop of Concordia University, Louise became a self-taught silk-screen artist. Patterns created by urban site and the quietness of rural scenes are the basic components of her work.

It has taken years for Louise Dandurand to perfect her art. Since beginning in 1976, Louise has developed a unique, recognizable style of serigraphy, or silk screen, print making which can realistically be compared to painting. Using up to 40 colours, Louise truly builds a picture, laying colour upon colour, translating it from her mind to the paper until she feels the image is complete.

Well known to the North American market are the buoyant, often whimsical serigraphs of Louise Dandurand. Using bright and dynamic colour, she creates image of rural escapes, city neighbourhoods, and village life. One of the first North American serigraphers to use architecture as a subject, it remains one of most defining characteristics of her work. Louise has been published on the cover of Reader's Digest numerous times, and is gaining wider recognition as each year passes.

The appeal of Louise's work is evident in the response it has received. Producing several editions each year, and keeping the numbers low, Louise consistently sells out each edition she makes. In this manner, she has built up a large clientele of collectors, galleries and individuals alike, who together own a very large volume of her work. Her influence only continues to grow.

Louise has had a variety of solo and group exhibitions including the Art Expo in New York, Salon National des Galleries d'Art, Montreal and Concordia University. Some Collectors include Bell Canada, Reader's Digest Selection, Canadian Pacific and Banque Indo-Suez, to name a few.

The future looks bright for Louise Dandurand. As her recognition grows, so does her art grow stronger. A true talent in Canada today.
Louise Dandurand
Louise Dandurand
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