Laura Artusio
Laura Artusio was born in Maywood, New Jersey in 1960. She graduated from Arizona State University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Drawing and Art History. Although influenced by Southwestern and Contemporary West Coast Art, Artusio still retains a strong interest in Classical Art. This interest led her to Perugia, Italy, where she lived for a time while studying language at L'Universita' Italiana per Stranieri and conducted research in Medieval and Etruscan art and culture. Back in Phoenix Classical painting.

Artusio worked as a freelance artist for some years since 1981, making scenic artwork and sculptural props for musical theaters, the Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium in Tempe, Arizona, the Lyric Opera Theatre, and the sets of several film and television productions.

Since 1986, Artusio has been creating work with Accent Fine Arts as a designer and watercolorist.
Laura Artusio
Laura Artusio
1960 -
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