Yoli is the nom de plume of Yolanda Razzeto, born on September 9, 1948 in Lima, Peru. She studied art design and decorating at the Catholic University of Lima, where her training provided both a scholarly education as well as an awareness of the world around her. Her family background and daily life come alive in her paintings with a well-defined strength of conviction. In each inch of her oil paintings, she captivates the viewer with a rich impasto texture and soft, full palette. Her bold bursts of color bathed in delicate pastels inevitably draws one deeper into the dreamlike landscape of her imagination.
Petite in stature, her broad, bold style belies her spirit-like nature. She has participated in art exhibitions in her native Peru, including one at the American Embassy. She has likewise exhibited in Miami and on several occasions in Canada, where she enjoys great popularity both in Montreal and Toronto.

Yoli has conducted one-woman shows in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and Ontario, and her works are featured in many of the premiere galleries as well as numerous private collections throughout the world.
1948 -
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